‚ÄčFirst Baptist Church Beamsville

Peter Bongers

Rev. Peter Bongers is our new pastor! Although he is currently commuting from Kitchener, he is in the Beamsville area (usually the church office) on Mondays and Tuesdays. You can contact him via the office phone (905-563-8448), on his cell phone (519-589-8150) or via email at pastor@firstbaptistbeamsville.ca

Shirley Watson

Shirley is our bulletin secretary.  If you have anything to have inserted into the bulletin, send it to her by Thursday at noon.  You can reach her by email at s.a.watson@sympatico.ca

Shirley is also our office administrator. You can reach her by email at baptist_beamsville@on.aibn.com

Jihyun Hong

Jihyun is our Music Director.

Sarah Eckhardt

Sarah Eckhardt is our friendly custodian.

Hudson Sweet

Hudson can be found at the key board on the second Sunday of the month.